Catherine Michelle (wearestarrdust) wrote,
Catherine Michelle

You can find me in the following places if you're interested.

Goodreads >> Catherine Moses
Deckbox (MtG) >> Catherine Michelle
Last.FM >> wearestarrdust
Steam >> wearestarrdust
NaNoWriMo >> wearestarrdust

So, this is my stand in f-locked post for the time being until I come up with something prettier.

From here you can go to the following public posts on my LJ >>

Quote Archive.
GIF Archive.
Fan Fiction Index.
Original Fiction Index.
2014 Fifty Book Challenge.
Fan Fiction Challenge List.

Other lists to come.

All my fan and original fictions are public, along with a few awesome posts about Amanda Tapping.
In time, all my graphics and icon posts will be re-done and made public. There will be an index, it will be OCD heaven.
In time my 100 things challenges will be public, there will be an index, I'm not even kidding.

As for the little about me at the beginning of these things that will come soon.

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