Catherine Michelle (wearestarrdust) wrote,
Catherine Michelle

Title: I've got you under my skin
Fandom: Sanctuary
Characters: Helen/Nikola
Rating: PG
Word Count: 367
Summary: Set during the last scene of 4x09 "Chimera" (No spoilers)

She turned to face him. It was hot. He was staring at her and it almost made her uncomfortable. The brave Helen Magnus - brought down by a mere look. Her lips parted and her breath was shallow. Time seemed to have stopped, or at least slowed down more than one would imagine was humanly possible. Her tongue darted out across her teeth and along the bottom of her top lip. She bit her lip. He continued to stare and she felt a heat that had nothing to do with the temperature.

Her chest rose and fell as she took several shallow breaths, and he heard. “Why, Helen. I do seem to have an effect on you tonight.” He moved, ever so slightly towards her. His hand hovered beside her thigh, but did not touch it, and she thought she might cry out at any moment, urging him to do what he wished. His sense of restraint tore at her own, and it began to break. She shifted forward, ever so slightly, but the leather on the couch gave her away. Nikola tilted his head, “more wine?” A roguish grin crossed his face, but he held himself in check, much better than she seemed to be able to at this moment. “Please,” her mouth was dry and she bit on her lip once more to keep from making any noise. “Nikola,” his name spilled from her lips like honey and she caught her breath once more.

His eyes narrowed ever so slightly, and she couldn’t bear to look away. He passed her the wine and she held it tightly, her fingers tense on the fragile glass. “Don’t break that now Helen,” he was playing with her. She didn’t know what to say to him, and the tension was becoming unbearable. She needed to regain control. She looked away although it took a few moments to do so. She closed her eyes and took a breath. Raising the glass to her lips, her grip now more relaxed, she took a sip and placed the wine back onto the table. She looked back at him, a smile now on her face. “Oh, I won’t Nikola, I won’t.”
Tags: #fanfiction, character: helen magnus, character: nikola tesla, fandom: sanctuary, length: under 500 words

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