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So, I've been away a few days or a week or so. I had massive migraines and back pain the last week or so and had other things on my mind. My friends and I are working on a roleplay site to replace the one we lost, and we've been making good headway. I was also sleeping pretty ridiculously, but I'm up in the am today so maybe it will even out again now. Elder Scrolls Online also came out so I've been spending some time playing that of course. So, how is everyone going? I've been pretty productive the last few days got some housework done (still mountains to go as usual, but a dent is better than nothing) and yeah, so. Also, my washing machine is still putting holes in my clothes, I must work out why this is; I mean it's odd, because I'm sure it's the washing machine but at the same time it only seems to be my clothes. I do rather desperately need more clothes but it's hard to find clothes that fit me because I'm all weird shapes and stuff. It's a pain. I do have a gift voucher from my dad for my birthday so I might go and see if I can get some clothes with that (even though buying a new board game sounds infinitely more fun!)
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Hi guys. I've not said much in a few days I don't think, I've been having some killer migraines actually which really suck.

I wanted to show you this video. It's hilarious, but most importantly it's by my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law is becoming pretty big on the you tube scene - he's a 2D animator and I just wanted to show you guys some of his work. If you like it, go to his you tube channel and subscribe he would love the support. He is a really great guy and very good at what he does. This video is one of his more simple cartoons but I think it's easily one of his most amusing. So without further adieu;
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Okay, another meme because yeah.

1. Have flisters pick any five icons (properly crediting them of course,) from my icons.
2. For each icon, you are to write a short drabble (short being key.)
3. Tag five people

Yeah, I wont tag anyone, but if you like it, do it.

So, yeah - pick five icons from my icons and I will write a short drabble (less than a few hundred words) using the icon as a prompt. Yay, have fun everyone.

More than one person can do this, I'm totally up for it.
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this is some seriously messed up shit

I feel sorry for women in a sense, that feel like they need to press against male tirany of some kind. I think where you all lost your way though was demanding something that was already yours. It's created this horrid idea of "feminism" and honestly feminism makes me sick. Why are you trying to justify your actions with this "my body, my choice" bullshit. It really doesn't make sense to me, if you want to sleep around then do it? Why do you need to assert your RIGHT to do it? Isn't asserting your RIGHT what fucks this place up most of the time. If you want to be strait, a lesbian or bisexual DO IT. Don't try to justify your RIGHT to do it. You already had the right, and trying to re-assert that right just MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT. Also, I'd like to point out that "my body, my choice" is one of the STUPIDEST ideas of the modern woman. You know what that sentance says? I dont give a fuck about myself, or anyone else. I'm going to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with no regard for concequences or any other human being. Fucking selfish shit you've got going on there. Personally, as a bisexual I feel I should get some say in this whole thing. I think the idea of human concequence has been entirely thrown out the window. Accountability to yourself, to your friends and family; but mostly to yourself. You can't be accountable to yourself if you have this attitude. To be blatantly honest this is the biggest issue I have with modern day feminism. At least in the past feminists had something to "feminist" against, but even then their is a point where asking for equality becomes asking for the RIGHT to do whatever the fuck you please. If you want to live in that kind of society move to Africa, or create a country with no laws or moral values...we will see how fast you come running back to this society. Trust me, you don't have it as bad as you think you do, and Rome really wasn't built in a day. You should be fighting for equality, no doubt. Equal pay in the same job is a right but you didn't already have it so it makes perfect sense to fight for it. What your misunderstanding is that while there may be people ACTUALLY not paying women as much as men, or not giving men time off when they have children like they do for women people don't ACTUALLY stop you from sleeping with whomever you want. They may TALK about it, they may criticise it, but at the end of the day they ARE JUST WORDS. Are they really going to stop you from doing what you want? Then fucking woman up. Stop being such a pussy and do whatever the fuck you want and stop yelling and screaming about your RIGHT to do it. Get some fucking accountability to yourself, develop some morals, and then sleep with whoever you want.
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Title: Building Family
Fandom: Eureka
Character(s) or Pairings: Jack, Kevin and Jenna
Prompt: #016 “left” (20_fics) and #5 “father’s day” (writerverse)
Rating: M (for themes)
Summary: Jack muses on fatherhood; on Kevin and Jenna. Set directly after Broken Promises, AU.
Warnings: Suggested character death
Word Count: 267

Collapse )
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challenge #02, author blurb, writerverse

A nice simple challenge to get me started at writerverse; author blurb.

Cate is the author of stories such as The Genesis Project, and La Vita Bella. She started writing at an early age, but since she has such a terrible memory the first stories she really remembers are from her teenage years; particularly some bad fan-fiction.

Today she writes both fan-fiction and original fiction, and occasionally even non-fiction. If you find her on a good day she might write some poetry, or even a haiku! She love’s anything and everything and thus continues to be a student.

When she isn’t writing, she spends most of her time playing games; any games. From computer games to board games to Xbox games to even the humble DS. You might also find her reading or perhaps watching a favourite television show or movie. The X Files, Sanctuary and Law and Order: SVU are a sure bet.

Cate also dabbles in graphics, being a fan-girl, and occasionally even doing the housework. She lives with her husband and brother, but secretly can't wait to get a cat so she can throw them both out ;)
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Fanfiction Index (Version 3.0)
Updated Monday the 25th of October, 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Max Payne (Video Game)
Rizzoli & Isles
Stargate: SG1
Stargate: Universe
The Hunger Games
The X Files
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Eureka Fanfiction Index (17)

General Eureka Fiction (5)
>> One (PG. 101)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #011 - One. There is a massive tragedy in Eureka.
>> The Last of Us (PG. 134) Set after One.
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #001 - Ashes. In the weeks after the tragedy.
>> Brave New World (PG. 138) Set after The Last of Us.
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #004 - New World. The town is rebuilding after the accident.
>> Broken Promises (PG. 141)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #018 - Promises. Jack broke a promise. Spoilers.
>> Building Family (M. 267) Set directly after Broken Promises.
Written for 20_fics & writerverse, Prompt #016 - Left. Jack muses on fatherhood.

Allison/Jack (2)
>> Realise (M. 181)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #007 - Shiver. Jack realises something.
>> Walk Away (M. 191)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #010 - Away. Jack muses on what he's lost.

Allison/Nathan (4)
>> February Song (PG. 105)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #017 - Voice. Spoilers. Allison knew.
>> Without You (G. 270)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #009 - Discover. Stark apologises to Allison.
>> Forever (G. 424) Set after Without You.
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #014 - Forgotten. Allison accepts Stark's apology.
>> The Road (PG. 222)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #015 - Light. Spoilers S3.

Jo/Zane (4)
>> The Secret (G. 290)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #003 - Secret. Spoilers S4.
>> The Package (G. 143)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #002 - Mystery. Spoilers S4.
>> Memories (416)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #020 - Cry. Spoilers S4.
>> The Edge (522)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #005 - The Edge. Spoilers S4.

Other Pairing/Crossovers (2)
>> Push (M. Jack Carter/Allison Blake/Nathan Stark. 332)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #008 - Push. Who was responsible for Allison's fate?
>> Daydreams (R. Zoe Carter/Jo Lupo. 1242)
Written for 20_fics, Prompt #012 - Hands. Femmeslash, semi-explicit. Jo/Zoe.
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The X Files Fanfiction Index (7)

General/Character X Files Fiction (3)
>> Where Does It End? (M. Dana Scully. 124)
Written for philosophy_20, Prompt #003 - Ends Justify the Means. Dana muses some more.
>> Time (PG. Dana Scully. 154)
Written for philosophy_20, prompt #010 - Time. Scully muses on time.
>> Intro (M. Alex Krychek. 527)
Written for songfic10, Prompt - Intro. "It's a long walk to freedom..."

Fox Mulder/Dana Scully (1)
>> Maybe There's Hope (PG. 310)
Scully searches for Mulder. Centre's on the vital concept of hope.

Alex Krychek/Marita Coverubius
Coming Soon.

Dana Scully/Monica Reyes
Coming Soon.

Fox Mulder/Monica Reyes (2)
>> Soul Alight (M. 261)
Requested by xfirefly9x Mulder muses on his feeling's for Agent Reyes.
>> Dreaming of You (M. 206) Continuation of Soul Alight.
Requested by xfirefly9x Mulder fall's asleep and dream's a little dream.

John Doggett/Monica Reyes
Coming Soon.

Other Pairings/Crossovers (1)
>> Tempted (PG. Dana Scully and Samantha Carter (Stargate SG1) 170)
Written for songfic10, Prompt - Tempted. "Every moment remains"